How you can assist Khalistani Files:

  1. Once we upload photographs from protests please review the photographs of the Khalistani supporters on our website and try to identify someone you may know.
  2. Go to protests and take photos of Khalistani supporters. Try to find out their names, vehicle plate numbers and other information you can gather. Once you have the information upload it to the this website.
  3. If you see businesses or individuals flying the Khalistani flag try to find out their identity and get a photo if you can. Upload the details.
  4. Identify Gurudwaras that display Khalistani posters and photos.
  5. Follow social media like twitter, instagram, facebook and take screen shots of the posts and links to the profiles.
  6. If you see any vehicles that have photos or images of Khalistani terrorists do take a photo of the car and license plate number.


We are looking for individuals who can assist Khalistani Files by finding out the owner of the vehicle license plates.

Report a Khalistani supporter using the form below and upload photos

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